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T-GROUP PRODUCTIONS presents 'My last valentine in Beirut', the first feature film to be produced in 3D in the Arab region ever, with one of the highest production costs and biggest production team.
The movie will have a world wide release with professionally crafted plans of marketing mixes and distribution.
The people behind the movie offer decades of experience in the movie business, and master exciting edgy storytelling and visual side effects.
This movie will bring a unique movie experience to the middle east and worldwide as it will bring together the touching history and cultural heritage of the region, together with the latest international technologies in the movie business.

Juliette (Lorraine Kodeih), a young Lebanese prostitute, takes us on a journey through her last days before she commits suicide!!
We will accompany her as she lives her last days, which were full of contradictions: living happy moments with friends who don't know her real identity, and suffering the cruelest aspects of the oriental society.
T Group Production
T-group productions started its practices in 2007 taking on many large scale projects, headed my Mr Assaad Tarabay

T-group productions aims at being involved in the different facets of the media industry such as movie production, content production, print production , concept development, to cite a few…

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The Director
Salim El Turk, a renowned director in the Arab World. Launched singers like Haifa, Elissa, Nawal el Zoghbi, Yuri Mrakkadi, Aline Khalaf, Miriam Fares, etc,

Producer of many films; color bars (1996), 1605 (2006), September 11-1982 (2007)
Winner of many awards,
Best video on Rotana (Haifa Wehbe)
Best Arabic Video in Dubai Video Festival (Elissa)
Murex Best Director
Lorraine Kodeih
Chadi Hanna
Pedros Temizian
Ziad Saeedv Assaad Tarabay
Aziz Abdo
Paul Matar
Ghassan Khairallah
Abdo Bitar
Salim El Turk
Ziad Saroukh
Avo Kenderjian
Adonis Hakim
Elie Kamal
Executive Producer:
Writing Credits:
Film Editing:
Music Composition:
Art Direction:
Production Design:
Costume Design:
Production Management:

Assistant Director:
Assaad Tarabay
Salim El Turk
Salim El Turk
Elie Kamal
Ralf Karam
Yuri Mrakadi
Salim El Turk, Nada Abou Farhat, Nagham Lebbos
Salim El Turk, Nada Abou Farhat, Nagham Lebbos
Salim El Turk, Nada Abou Farhat, Nagham Lebbos
Mohammad Daouk ( Production Manager)
Souheil Daouk ( Production Supervisor)
Adonis Hakim, Joseph Azoury
Contact Us
Assaad Tarabay (T Group Production):

Phone Number: 00961 3 975 328

Salim El Turk:

Phone Number: 00961 3 388 096